Poquoson Real Estate

    Poquoson, Virginia is 6 miles N of Hampton, Virginia (center to center) and 27 miles NW of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The city benefits from easy access to the nearby cities and towns with which it shares the Norfolk – Virginia Beach – Newport News metropolitan area. Poquoson contains a population of approximately 11,566.

    In Poquoson, about 68% of adults are married. Married couples seem to be the rule in Poquoson, at least compared to other cities of its size.

    Unlike most cities, the city has proportionately more males than females.

    In 2000, Poquoson had a median family income of $65,460. The typical family in Poquoson is better off than most in Virginia. The city has a large middle class. There just aren’t a lot of poor people in Poquoson. Interestingly, lots of people in the city have Bachelor’s degrees (or better).

    Political donors in Poquoson favored John Kerry in the 2004 Presidential race, contributing $3,000. Among political parties, the Republican party was tops in raising money in the city.

    Crime isn’t one of the big worries for most people in Poquoson.

    Poquoson has, of course, a mix of various types of housing. Recently 84% of the livable housing units were owner-occupied. Homes in the city are newer than those found in most places. Taxes on residences are higher here than most places in Virginia, which may reflect a commitment to education in the city.

    In Poquoson, 95% of commuters drive to work. Start your engines: the good people of the city do a lot of driving.

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