Suffolk Real Estate

    Suffolk, Virginia is 28 miles W of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Suffolk is situated in the South Hampton Roads region of Eastern Virginia. By acreage it’s the biggest municipality of the Seven Cities of Hampton Roads. The city was the birthplace of Mr. Peanut, the famous mascot of Planters Peanuts. It’s a primary railroad and highway transportation center and is a prominent peanut processing location.

    The economy is based on retail businesses, manufacturing, distribution, farming and a variety of hospitality businesses. Major employers in the city include Planters Peanuts, Lipton Tea, QVC, Unilever, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. The city consists of a large number of distinct areas. Suffolk was hit by a Tornado in 2008 which damaged more than 120 homes and 12 businesses.

    In 1742 the town was established and utilized as a port along the Nansemond River. It was originally named Constance’s Warehouse. The name was taken from the Royal Governor William Gooch’s home of Suffolk, England. It was an important transportation center due to the railroads running through the city. The peanut industry became a major factor for the economy. Suffolk became an independent city in 1906. The well known Planters Peanuts was established in 1912. In the year 1974 it expanded by merging with the towns of Holland and Whaleyville and Nansemond County.

    · Heirloom Botanic Garden Boutique is a notable historic farmhouse.
    · Planters Peanut Center.
    · Southern Gun Works and Museum.
    · Suffolk Museum.
    · Glebe Episcopal Church is included in the National Register of Historic Places.
    · Downtown Historic District.
    · Nansemond County Courthouse showcases Roman Revival architecture.
    · Obici House features Art Nouveau architecture and was built by the founder of Planters Peanuts.
    · Riddick’s Folly House Museum is a large home featuring Greek Revival architecture and was utilized by the Union Army during the Civil War.
    · Suffolk Seaboard Station Museum.
    · Suffolk Visitor Center at the Historic Prentis House.
    · Suffolk Peanut Festival.
    · Taste of Suffolk Downtown Street Festival.
    · Nansemond Indian Tribal Pow-Wow.
    · Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts is an impressive structure and is utilized for educational events. It also features concerts and theatrical productions.
    · Suffolk Farmers Market.

    The Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is a large wilderness acreage featuring an abundance of wildlife and includes Lake Drummond which is a popular location for fishing and boating. The area’s rivers and lakes provides excellent opportunities for swimming, canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving and fishing. Davis Lake and Campgrounds is popular for camping, swimming, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities.

    Lone Star Lakes Park includes numerous lakes and opportunities for fishing, walking along nature trails and horseback riding. The city is home to five championship golf courses. Residents and visitors enjoy taking walks along the scenic riverfront.

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