Williamsburg Real Estate

    Williamsburg, Virginia is 20 miles NW of Newport News, Virginia and 47 miles NW of Virginia Beach, Virginia. The city is conveniently located inside the Norfolk – Virginia Beach – Newport News metropolitan area. There are an estimated 11,998 people in Williamsburg.

    In Williamsburg, about 25% of adults are married. In Williamsburg, lots of people live on their own. Though there are lots of families, the city isn’t one of those places where everyone is married. Single people can feel at home there.

    Approximately 20% of Williamsburg is non-white. In Virginia, the city is known for its racial diversity.

    Williamsburg has a larger percentage of females than most places.

    In 2000, Williamsburg had a median family income of $52,358. Williamsburg has more than its share of wealthy families and people. It’s worth mentioning that smart, educated people feel at home in the city. A tendency for its residents to work at home is one of the things that define the lifestyle in Williamsburg. If a good man (or woman) is hard to find, try looking in the city, where there happen to be many singles with good incomes.

    In the 2004 race for President, George W. Bush was the top recipient of campaign contributions ($65,215) in Williamsburg. Party contributions tended to flow to the Republican team.

    Approximately 44% of housing in Williamsburg is owner-occupied. Compared to similarly sized cities nationally, Williamsburg’s property taxes are lower than average and assessed tax rates are reasonable ($0.54/$100 assessed value in 2007). When compared to the rest of Virginia, Williamsburg homeowners have a higher property tax bill on average than those in other Virginia communities, but this can be attributed to higher home values in the city. In any case, the city’s property tax dollars are at work,

    In Williamsburg, 76% of commuters drive to work. Williamsburg is not so congested and car-oriented that lots of people can’t get around on foot or by bike.

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